Fat Grafting

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Fat Grafting

Fat injections are performed to restore fullness to the face, lips and hands, and to improve lines and wrinkles.

Fat injections begin by removing your own fat using liposuction techniques, processing the fat, then immediately injecting the fat to achieve the desired outcomes. Fat injections are most often used to restore lost volume in the face as a natural consequence of the aging process. Fat injections may be used to refine or accompany facial rejuvenation surgery, such as facelift or lower eyelid blepharoplasty. It may also be performed to improve or refine the outcomes of breast reconstruction, breast augmentation or buttocks augmentation.

Fat injections are generally performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia with sedation. When performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as facelift, general anesthesia and an overnight stay may be recommended.

Results are often permanent, however a portion of the injected fat will be reabsorbed naturally during the first 6 months. Weight loss or gain may also alter your results.