Post Weight Loss Surgery

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Post Weight Loss Surgery

Post-Weight Loss Contour Surgery is the reshaping of the body after dramatic weight loss. It slims and reshapes loose and sagging skin.

Many patients after massive weight loss from either bariatric surgery or from diet and exercise, the face, neck, arms, abdomen love handles, buttocks, thighs, and legs may need to be treated to reduce excess sagging skin and irregular fat deposits. Post-Weight Loss contouring may be appropriate after you reach your desired weight and your weight had been stable for several months.

Generally performed in stages, the techniques of facelift and neck lift, arm lift, tummy tuck, buttock lift and thigh lift are
incorporated to achieve an overall more toned body image.

Depending on the areas treated and extent of your procedure, post weight loss contouring may be outpatient or require an overnight stay. Procedures are generally performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery depends on the extent of your procedure. Light activity can be done the day after your surgery, a return to more normal activity may take 2-3 weeks. Compression garments will be worn throughout your recovery to reduce fluid retention and compress the skin to your new figure.

Results can be long-term, but weight loss/gain or pregnancy may alter your appearance